LIVING GREEN is about honoring the earth and our lives. Simple things can be incorporated into one's lifestyle that will make a drastic difference in YOUR qualtity of life. Bring together the body, mind & soul with these simple ideas. Go easy, take it one step at a time, and over the years you will discover that you too are now LIVING GREEN.

Let's Talk Trash
How much trash do you generate in your home? Most places and people recycle now but the key is to have less to recycle & less Mentor A Kidto throw away.
REUSE as much as possible, get creative and have fun. Remember to think before you buy what will become of it next.


Use It all
No Bag Please


See what a group of neighbors in Chelsea, NYC accomplish when they ban together to "green up" the hood. Go out today and find some soil to plant a flower wherever you live!

Live Humble, Live Simple. Buy the Best, Be Happy.