Lisa Gaye

This PORTFOLIO secton is full of sentimental photos & stories,
a journal of warm personal memories stands behind each webpage.

The PHOTOGRAPHERS whose work is shown here are major talents who captured me beautifully, whose incredible spirit & friendship affects my soul. I have always said my life is more important than my career and this collection represents a fusion of both.

Movie PostersProfessor Holt

Troma, Troma, Troma... what would I do without my beloved memories of my time in Tromaville. You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. And that is fine with me.

From PROFESSOR HOLT in "Class of Nuke'Em High" to MS. MALFAIRE in "The Toxic Avenger" and all the Troma characters I portrayed from other Troma Films- Have as much fun here as I do there!