The Many Faces of Lisa Gaye
Brooke Hunyady
Public Service Announcement

Brooke Hunyady is the most dynamic artist I have been blessed to work with. She is a rare jewel who is able to do it all and do it best! Her constant evolving through all aspects of art and technology has put her in the precarious, yet glorious, position of being in a world that does not exist. It is a lucky person who will recognize Brooke and utilize her immense gifts. We've been creating together for almost 20 years with what Brooke considers her best work done it the last few months. I'll post them soon!

Xenografia (pdf)
Lisa Gaye
Portrait of Peter Beard- YouTube
My dear friend Umberto Scrocca asked me to be the American Curator of a video project he was working on for the 45th Venice Biennale titled "Xenografia". Brooke Hunyady contributed a beautiful video triptych "Portrait of Peter Beard". I can be found in the first third. Visit Brooke Hunyady's YouTube channel for the complete triptych or her webite .