The Many Faces Of Lisa Gaye
James Creighton

James Creighton would frequently shoot me on the fly. Without a team of make-up, hair, stylist, etc., our work together was simple and clean.

James also snapped the images of me rocking out. At the time I wanted my own TV show, sort of a cross between an hip urban Martha Stewart and a MTV talk show. Being a southern gentleman, James was genial enough to shoot promo pictures which found a home here. Below are Polaroids from that afternoon.

James Creighton shared studio space that I had and regularly was found capturing with his camera all the different events held there. Due to the studio's unique character, it was a place that found itself rich in the production of art openings, video & film & photography shoots, poetry readings, etc. And I mean ETC. There were always Polaroids left around and they eventually found their way into a box. Now its a visual diary of a time in life that was creative and filled with the energy of a most intriguing group of people. Below is a Polaroid of Shelby Chong and I being photographed for a CHONG & GAYE comedy routine that her husband Tommy Chong let us borrow from his CHEECH & CHONG material.

Shelby Chong tommy Chong

James was not the least bit bothered that another photographer was shooting us. He merely snuck a few behind the scene images through the cut-out of the studio kitchen. Yes, the kitchen had graffiti all over it, damn good graffiti at that!!

Shelby Chong
Below are a smorgasbord of James catching even more of my many faces. There are slides galore to transfer and in the future this section will be updated.

LIsa Gaye

Lisa Gaye

Lisa Gaye

Although I haven't been in touch with James much these days, the time in the studio was all the more joyful for having him there. He understands how easy it is to be happy, imaginative, kind, and productive... forward. James was never "negative."
Something I am allergic to.
Positive surrounds us all, in obvious and subtle ways. Grab it and grow with it.

James Creighton is part of the ride that has me waking up everyday with a smile on my face.