Lisa Gaye In Tromaville

Little did I know when I took my first trip over a decade ago into Tromaville, New Jersey that I would check out but never leave. It is through these unusual images that you will understand the people and events that make this town so seductive. Have as much fun here as I do there.

My first trip into Tromaville was through my adventures portraying lead villainess Miss Malfaire for Toxic Avenger II. After responding Toxie to an ad for talent in BackStage, a New York newspaper for showbiz, I was called in for a taped audition. I'd just gotten back from studying under scholarship in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I did a monologue for Troma that I had worked on in class quite a bit from a play "Sea Scape with Shark and Dancer."

Shortly thereafter I was called back to meet Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz, owners of Troma. Make no mistake about it, I certainly wouldn't be the Fringe Girl I am today without Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz. Their energy, intelligence and artistic lunacy fascinates me to this day.Professor Holt

Playing Miss Malfaire, creating her evil soul in that cartoonish way of Troma, was unbelievably fun. Malfaire was not only the devil's girlfriend, she was a career girl and role model for all the degenerate women in hell. She had her smarts, her sexiness, her sophistication to help the devil run his evil empire. Malfaire had all the modern problems to balance: her work, her man, her wardrobe, etc. There was a lot an actress could do with her and I loved it.

When I found out about "The Toxic Avenger, Part III" I was thrilled to know that Malfaire would be coming back. It is her, after all, that got me my citizenship into this town.

It was Professor Holt from "Class of Nuke'em High II & III" that got me my title of ambassador. These films were shot on the west coast. I remember flying from Cannes Film Festival out to Los Angeles. I'd never spent so much time on one flight before, I felt Professor Holtso international HOLT crossing time zones. Eric Louzil was directing and I was looking forward to going even further with Holt than I did with Malfaire. First thing was that Holt had heart, Malfaire had none, and that was exciting. That 3ft. beehive hairdo just really brings out who Holt really is.

So this is how it began. Keep checking back as I add more of my vast collection of stories and photos from my Life In Tromaville.