Lisa Gaye in Tromaville

Lisa Gaye honors Pheobe Legere
This is a photo taken on set in Peekskill, NY. My gang of bad girls take advantage of Toxie being in Japan. We go over to "get" his girlfriend Claire, portrayed by another New York City Personality, the fabulous Phoebe Legere. We end up getting into a cat fight where she knees me, picks me up, spins me around, and throws me out of her trailer. I spend the next few scenes with my groin bandaged.
Phoebe Legere and I at the Troma Studios in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. We are preparing for the gala premier of "The Toxic Avenger III: The Last Temptation of Toxie" at the Embassy Theatre in Time Square. She gets to go with Toxie in a horse drawn carriage. I in a limo with the Devil. Those were the good old days before Disney's invasion of the area.
Phoebe Legere, pretty in pink, lights me & the south of France up at the Cannes Film Festival. This year was a particularly fun one at the festival having been fortunate to share a room with her at Troma's suite at the Majestic. Phoebe Legere, Lisa Gaye
Phoebe Legere is not only a talented actress, musician, performer and all around creative force but she is a gifted fine artist as well. (She even wrote a Broadway bound musical "Hello Ms. President"). This self-portrait that Phoebe painted was in my home for many years. Can you imagine waking up to this image. What a way to start the day!