Lisa Gaye in Tromaville
Terror Firmer-A Day On Set
Photos by Stephanie Parker
Terror Firmer is my current favorite Troma Film. It's Lloyd Kaufman being even more daring, bold and original. He portrays a blind director on a set gone amuck. Only in Tromaville, only in Tromaville. Although my part as Casey's mom is small, I loved the opportunity to be a part of this production. I had flown in the night before from Geneva and barely got in Terror Firmer at all. I put the outfit together using a vintage slip (that explains the pointed breasts) and an orginal Pucci top. The costume jewelry was compliments of my sister.
Lisa Gaye in Terror Firmer Here I stand in front of a "Class of Nuke 'em High II" poster with a three foot beehive hairdo. In Terror Firmer I have 3 feet of.....
(1.5 + 1.5 =3)
Anthony Haden-Guest with Lisa Gaye Anthony Haden-Guest came to set to do background for an article he wrote on "Terror Firmer" for New York Magazine (December 4, 2000 issue). He is a good friend of many years and has become a full fledged Tromite. He is in "Terror Firmer" and "Toxic Avenger IV."
Lloyd Kaufman with Lisa Gaye LLoyd Kaufman, Troma's founder and director of "Terror Firmer", and I holding a box of Toxie Bite Cereal.
Ron Jeremy with Lisa Gaye Stephanie Parker caught a moment when Will Kenaan, Ron Jeremy and I were having a powwow.
LIsa Gaye in make-up Getting my make-up and hair done always relaxes me.