The Many Faces of Lisa Gaye
Peter Beard
LIsa Gaye by Peter Beard

Peter Beard is so precious to me as an artist, a photographer and a friend. I met Peter many years ago at an Odeon luncheon that Interview Magazine was throwing. The leopard dress I was wearing attracted him and he wanted to shoot me in it. So we did. The results became my headshot. It wasn't long before his friend Maurizio whipped out a video camera and started shooting the shoot with Peter directing. That evening was extra special because I met Brooke Hunyady who did the makeup and hair. Brooke is an exceptional photographer too and we went on to shoot a huge body of work together that continues to this day.

Peter BeardLisa Gaye
Peter Beard Brooke Hunyady

There are many books out there on or by Peter Beard and fortunately a couple on my shelf have been signed by him. Keeping true to his chronic artistry, Peter couldn't just put down a plain signature. Instead he made art out of it. Someone should do a book on Peter's art of signing books. Trying in earnest not to injure the material, below are scans produced on my modest home equipment.

Love That
Peter Beard