Lisa Gaye in Tromaville
Class Of Nuke'Em High - Professor Holt
Leesa, Lisa

My favorite subhumanoid in "Class of Nuke'Em High II" was portrayed by Leesa Rowland. As is common in the world of films, we made quick friends then hadn't seen much of each other. However, the time spent together was enjoyable and I appreciated her friendship very much. Luckily we hooked back up recently and now we are closer then ever. This page is dedicated to her.... No one looks better in slime than LEESA ROWLAND!

Leesa Rowland

Leesa Rowland, LLoyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman with Leesa at Rex Nightclub in New York City. It is where the opening party for "Class of Nuke'Em High 2" was held.

Leesa Rowland, Jane Thorvaldson

Leesa Rowland and I being interviewed by Jane Thorvaldson outside the Waverly Theatre. "Class of Nuke'Em High 2" opened in NYC at this Greenwhich Village favorite.

Eric Louzil, Leesa Rowland

Eric Louzil, director of "Class of Nuke'Em High 2", discusses with Leesa Rowland the deep emotions concerning her character as a sexy and sensitive subhumanoid.

Leesa Rowland, Captain

Costume designer, Kaptain Kirkland, prepares Leesa for a session with his glue gun.