Lisa Gaye in Tromaville
Nuke'Em High
Holt Takes A Leap
In Class of Nuke'em High II, Tromie the
Nuclear Squirrel goes nuts ala King Kong.
He picks Professor Holt up and drops her.
Then Tromie finishes the scene off with a
good sliming of nuclear vomit.
But that is another story for another day.

Lisa Gaye Leaps
The first shot is what the
audience actually see.

Lisa Gaye and  Phil O'dellPhil O
Cut to behind the scenes.
Stunt coordinator Phil O'Dell teaches me
the ins and outs of jumping off a building.

Lisa Gaye LeapsHolt Leaps
I'm flying!

Lisa Gaye lands smiling.
There is a smile on my face.

Lisa Gaye lands
Cut back to what the audience sees

That was FUN!