Lisa Gaye in Tromaville

Lisa Gaye is Ms. Malfaire

My big scene. Miss Malfaire takes control of the boardroom and goes into her monologue saving the day. This was shot on location at the court building in downtown Manhattan. Hundreds of extras responded to an ad in The New York Times for all unique personalities and freaks to come and hang out in Tromaville for a day. Even at work Miss Malfaire's fashion sense never quits.
What an hunting outfit. I am out to track down the Toxic Avenger but he takes a school bus and drops it on me. The wicked witch of Tromaville melts away. This was the first time I ever shot a gun, afterall it is Miss Malfaire who is a psycho-bitch, not Lisa Gaye.
Here is another example of the Troma Team working together. An extra on the set, the talented Susan Whittey, lent me most of the jewelry and hats to give Miss Malfaire her flair. Susan made these glasses herself and was kind enough to let Miss Malfaire instead of her character wear them. The Troma Team is the best. Bless you Susan, wherever you are!
This shot has nothing to do with the Toxic Avenger movies. It is another instance of the creative energy on set coming alive between takes. What better way to capture Miss Malfaire's spirit than under the red light of an ambiance lamp.