Diva Salad

I don't know what it is about this salad that earned it the title of diva,
but it's certainly eaten all summer long in my home. You need
not be a diva to induldge.

Diva Sald
Yellow Food

cilantro• Prepare 3/4 cup of BULGAR by pouring 3/4 cup of hot water on it, set aside.
• Take the CORN off of 4-5 ears and sauté in OLIVE OIL with ONION, SEA SALT & PEPPER (red or black) until tender and sweet.
• Mix the bulgur and corn mixture together and let it cool to room temperature.
• Add the juice of a LEMON and/or LIME along with some fresh CILANTRO.
• Gently stir the salad.

Serve now or refrigerate for later.

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