Curry Chickpea Couscous

Curry CousCous with Chickpeas is an easy to prepare recipe that is good as is. I frequently make a large batch and eat off of it all week, modify it slightly. Fantastic side dish or a meal in itself. Great for last minute company.

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Curry Chickpea CousCous

In one pan:

• Saute a small chopped ONION in OLIVE OIL until tender and sweet. A dab of BUTTER is optional.

• Add one drained can of organic CHICKPEAS

• Add 1 tablespoon CURRY POWDER or to taste

• Add SALT & PEPPER to taste

• Add 1/2 cup RAISINS

• Add 1/2 cup finely chopped CARROT

Turn off the heat and stir until curry coats the chickpeas evenly.

In a Seperate pot :

• Boil 3/4 cups WATER (or bouillon)

• Add 1/2 cup COUSCOUS

Turn off the heat and cover for 5 minutes, it's that easy! Make sure you are using organic, pre-steamed and dried couscous, most popular in America.

Throw the couscous into the pan with the curry chickpea mixture and stir together. Add more OLIVE OIL and adjust the seasoning as needed. Eat right away or refrigerate. Good hot, cold, room temperature or reheated.



• Add chopped chicken, chopped carrots, raisins.

• Add a stir fried egg and reheat the Couscous mixture.



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